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Case 1 (left): This is a male patient of 58 years old, he had suffered from shoulder and neck pain for over 10 years, and couldn't stretch his arms. In Chinese medical term it is called 'shoulder of fifty,' which is a common problem for the elderly people. In order to avoid the side effect of the drugs, we have applied the Skin Scraping Therapy and Suction Cupping. Only after a few treatments, this patient could stretch and bend his arms flexibly, and the pain had gone, the function of his arms had come back to normal.

Case 2 (left): This is an elderly patient of 70 years old, who had suffered from the wind-damp rheumatism for over 20 years. In recent 4 or 5 years, his lumbar bend forward more severely, almost reached 90 degree; he couldn't raise his head when walking. He had seen many doctors but didn't achieve good result. We applied Chinese Comprehensive Physiotherapy to him. After one course of treatment (5 times), he could stand straight. To reinforce the result, we continuously gave him treatment once a week. After two courses of treatment, the result was surprisingly effective.

Case 3 (left): This 65-year-old lady had suffered from the two-knee arthritis for over 10 years, the knees were painful and stiff, and she couldn't squat, which brought a lot of inconveniences to her daily life. We applied on her the 'Magnetic Suction Needles' and the Skin Scraping Therapy for two treatment courses (8 times), which achieved a very satisfactory result. The patient can now easily squat down and move flexibly, the pain has also gone. The left two photos show the comparison before and after the treatments.

Case 4 (left): This patient had suffered from lumbar pain for some years. He is a trainee of karate in a club. His movement was limited because of the pain. He had seen many doctors but there had been no sign of improvement. After taking only one treatment from us, his lumbar pain instantly disappeared, and he could move easily. In order to reinforce this result, he continuously took treatments once a week. After one month, he has totally recovered. The left photo is before the treatment, and the right one is after the treatment.

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