Neolife Chinese Medical Clinic


The Neolife Chinese Medical Clinic was operated in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, in 1997-2014. It was a holistic medical practice according to traditional Chinese medicine. The goal was to improve the general health level of the humankind by using alternative medicine as opposed to antibiotics. The method was to use natural and non-drug therapy, such as acupuncture, massage, skin scraping, magnetic suction needles, suction cupping, ear-point therapy, and foot-point therapy to treat more than 300 kinds of diseases.

Dr Suzan Li and Junmin Zhang (Ac. TCMP) as a couple directed the Clinic since 1997, and their daughter Lydia Zhang managed it in 2006-2014.

Lydia Zhang is a registered massage therapist (RMT) and licensed acupuncturist in Ontario, Canada. She received professional training in both Eastern and Western traditions. As a third-generation Chinese Medicine practitioner, she has solid background and updated technology, with old masters firmly stood on her side. She worked in the healthcare industry in Ontario since 2002 and treated thousands of patients with effective results.

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