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Holistic Educational Philosophy:

Traditional Chinese culture often reflects their classical philosophy to promote "holism, harmony, happiness, health, and healing" (5H). These are universal values that can help combat the escalating mental health issues in academia today.

Traditional Chinese philosophy is a root and trunk of the world philosophy besides ancient Greek philosophy. Its influence is far-reaching, not only to other Asian countries, but to the West as well. With China's rise as a major player in the world politics and economy, it becomes increasingly necessary for Western people to learn and understand traditional Chinese culture, to enliven them for a healthy and happy life, and to live in harmony with Chinese people.

China and the West are like two balancing forces of the Yin and Yang that each depends on the other and mutually affects the other. A harmonious relationship between the two superpowers is the basis for maintaining world peace, harmony, and human health and happiness. The Curriculum of the Neoland School of Chinese Culture is thus built on the five themes in Chinese philosophy to promote "holism-harmony-happiness-health-healing" in human lives.

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